Club Routes

Saturday 10th December 2016

The Cobbles were awash with cyclists today - big turn out! However, after the Bs did a Grand Depart, it left 5 lonely "C" riders!!!
Having no designated leader, the intrepid 5 set off for Chipping. In the best tradition of a leaderless assembly we soon settled into "committee" mode and made it up as we went along!!
One decision was to do an impromptu "Rufty Tufty" by diverting through Calder Vale and Bleasdale Estate! Unfortunately this had the effect of "finishing off" Mick who decided to head back after Calder Vale as he was suffering a little having attended his office Christmas "do" the night before!!
Peter Bell, Stuart Murray, Will Mullineaux & I continued toward Chipping but made another "committee decision" and diverted again, missing Chipping and heading for Little Town Dairies.
Some improvements to the outside seating area since our last visit - the "outside area" is almost an "inside area"! All that is missing is a door to keep the heat from the wood burner in!!
After good food and a long chat, the 4 set off back toward Garstang - quickly becoming 3 as Stuart left us, and then before Garstang came over the horizon we were down to 2 - having said goodbye to Pete.

Thanks to the guys who turned out and for all the input that made it into an enjoyable "mystery ride".