Club Routes

Ride No28 Roeburndale

Route 1 - 68 miles

Scorton, Quernmore, Littledale. Hills via Baines Crag, crossing Artle Beck & R. Roeburn, to Wray. Return Hornby, Gressingham, Kellet (s), Lancaster, Aldcliffe; Condor Green, Cockerham. Hilly

Start Point: Royal Oak, Garstang.

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Updated 16/06/2018
Whilst GPS devices, e.g. Garmin, may be in common use by Club members to plot rides, the ride coordinators may vary rides as they see fit, and outline any variation at the start.

Anyone wanting to join a ride part way through are advised to check with the coordinator beforehand. Please check the club’s Facebook page for possible additional information.

The quarterly Rides Programme is on the Diary page.