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Saturday 1st July 2017

After a generally wet week Saturday AM dawned fine and dry.

Eight members drove to Hornby to be met by the hardy Andrew D and Shane B, each of whom had ridden from home.

Upon unloading my bike a front puncture was found which incurred a slightly delayed start. With GCC Route 30 loaded on my phone Phil D informed me the B2’s ride anti-clockwise! OK, so ten strong (?) now we headed out through Wray to Burton-in-Lonsdale where a quick head count only added up to seven. Andrew D had dropped his chain which had tied itself in a knot, and Shane B + 1 missed the X-roads Left by the bridge. A few minutes later were back up to full strength (?), and crossed the A65 at Westhouse. A welcome tailwind assisted the ascent of the gated Kingsdale road. Cresting the summit we were rewarded with the magnificent view down to Dentdale. With eyes back on the tarmac Demon Descender Phil D lead the way down the sometimes dodgy decline. An oncoming car caused a panic, but all arrived safely at Meadowside Cafe in Dent.

Various quiz questions on the table mats kept us amused until the food arrived in quick time. With bidons re-filled and “cafe legs” we approached the daunting climb out of Gawthrop, now in sunshine. Re-grouping at the top for a quick photo-op, the descent of Barbondale into the inevitable strong headwind required head-down and hard-pedaling to make progress. Phil D piloted the group north out of Barbon along the narrow, overgrown and gravel strewn lanes before we crossed the R. Lune to pass the tranquil Rigmaden Park.

Approaching Kearstwick, Seck dropped his chain which somehow got stuck outside the jockey wheel cage. Steve H broke out his Allen keys to effect a repair and we were on our way again 5 mins. later.

As is the RC’s prerogative I proposed a small but lumpy diversion through High Biggins, Wash Dub Wood and Docker to avoid the fast traffic on the B6254, and rejoin the official route at Arkholme. Once more into the wind, Shane B departed for home as the remaining nine descended to re-cross the R. Lune and the R. Wenning to return to the cars.

As I write, ‘normal’ weather has now resumed; i.e. wet & windy!

Stats: 74.9km, 1277m climb, av. speed 19.8kph.

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